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This is done as follows: Waist the halfshaft behind the spline down to the root diameter of the spline so the spline is left standing proud of rather than cut into the halfshaft. Machine the shaft to this diameter for 4". Then blend out to the original diameter over 6". Blend the ends of the splines inwards as can be seen in the photo (it. Axle Model: Type: OEM Inner Spline: OEM Outer Spline: RCV Inner Spline: RCV Outer Spline: OEM Left Inner Axle Length: OEM Right Inner Axle Length: OEM Outer Stub Axle Length: Warranty Voided: Boot Technology '07 and up factory Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon & Unlimited Rubicon. Includes left and right axles. Dana 44: Unit Bearing: 30: 32: 30: 32: 19.76".


If you are looking to put in a new rear end, buy a Eaton carrier for 28 spline. That will strengthen your rear end situation. If you want to upgrade to 30 spline down the road you don't have to buy another carrier , you just need to buy and swap out the 28 spline side gears for 30 spline on the carrier and upgrade to 30 spline axles. H. HouTX87. To get rear disc brakes and 31-spline axle, you need to look for a 1995 to 2001 Explorer or Mountaineer. Earlier years use drum brakes and may be 28-spline. Different vehicles may have the wrong bolt pattern, width, spline count, or brakes. A 2-door Sport Explorer may be a donor past the 2001 cut off.


All four-door JK Wrangler original owners do have Dana 44s under the rear end. Currently, if you have purchased the new JL Wrangler, you have Dana 30 front and Dana 35 rear axles, unless you specifically bought one with upgraded Dana 44s. All Rubicon JL owners have a Dana 44 front and rear axle. However, these aren't your father's Dana 30, 35. What size axles should you be running to be sure that you will not break one? A simple formula can be used to help you find the absolute maximum torque your car can put to the ground. To find the maximum torque, take the (Torque of your engine) x (Your first gear ratio) x (Your rear end gear ratio) x (90% efficiency).


Kartek Off-Road Polished 300m Porsche 930 CV Joint Cage. Suggested: $119.99 You Pay: $99.99. Replacement Porsche 930 CV Joint Balls 22.23mm / 0.875" Diameter Standard Size Sold Individually. Suggested: $1.59 You Pay: $1.29. Replacement Porsche 930 CV Joint Balls 22.20mm / 0.874" Diameter 0.001" Undersized Sold Individually.


Camaro Rear Axle Identification & Decoding. Identify the gear ratio, the build date, the plant where it was assembled the work shift when it was assembled, and positraction source - if equipped. This number is stamped on the forward facing passenger side axle tube (on 2nd generation) and forward facing drivers side axle tube (on 3rd gen) camaros. DSS's site says it varies from different year STis. So onto the necessary info-. 1. spline count to hub - I think may be 27 if someone could confirm. 2. " axle bar into outer CV. 3. " axle bar into inner CV. 4. spline count on diff stub into inner CV - I think may be 25 if someone could confirm (or on male inner CV for later wrx or sti).


Cut a thin slither of the spline off and cut the axle to length, tack welded the slither onto the end and cut straight splines using the slither as a spacing guide with a 1.0mm thick cutting wheel. Then V'd each groove with the same angle grinder with the 1.0mm disk. Once done cut the slither off. I'm not sure if I asked this already. But I'd like to put a limited slip differential in my otherwise stock and restored 1990 Silverado, It is a 10 bolt rear but I don't know how to figure out if it's a 28 or a 30 spline rear. Everyone I have contacted says I.


Axles do not touch, should be a gap in between them. With both axles out you can pass a circular wire brush thru the splines to clean them. Too much anti-seize will fill the gap in between the axles and might cause your problem. I add a thin o-ring and sealant along with the anti-seize on stock axles and they seem to stay cleaner longer. In this article, I explain how to use Spline, a free software program, to create 3D graphics easily. Spline is a software that allows you to easily create 3D graphics, mainly for the web. You can download it from the following website.


28 Spline – 4800 ft-lb (per axle) 31 Spline – 7000 ft-lb (per axle) 35 Spline – 9600 ft-lb (per axle) FORMULA FOR AXLE TORQUE. (Max torque of your car (ft-lb) x (gearbox first gear ratio) x (diff ratio) x 90% efficiency. Each axle should be able to handle all of the maximum torque your car can produce. This will create a 200% safety factor. The output shaft of this version of the T-18 is 23 spline. Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum. Pirate storm. com Jeep Talk Bible v3. The Pirate City Provides Cracks, Serial Keys, Patches, Activators, Keygens, For Any Pc Software Without Surveys. 4, 2. Help ID these 60" WMS danas. FJ Cruiser 4x4 Club. Sep 04, 2021 · About Spline Np208 Shaft Swap.


The Mustang II utilizes two different style rear axles. The first axle is used on 4cyl and some 6cyl cars and is a 6 3/4" ring gear integral carrier axle. The second is used on some 6cyl and all 8cyl cars and is an 8" ring gear removable carrier axle. The two axles are easy to tell apart. Looking at the axle from the rear of the car, if the. Original axles came in both 28- and 31-spline. The axles are held into the rear end housing with a flange outboard of the axle bearing and seal. This flange is bolted to the brake backing plate. The 31-spline axles, sought by hobbyists, are stronger and harder to find. The 28-spline rears could be easily modified to accept the stronger 31. The rear Dana 44 on the Jeep JK is actually not a bad axle. It uses much thicker axle tubes than the front Dana 44. Another plus is it uses a larger 8.8-inch diameter ring gear. Rubicon models get 32-spline axle shafts while all other JKs use 30-spline shafts. One weak point of the axle are the flanges can bend under harder use.


I may run a 4.0 engine. Now what axles and ratio do I need for street, trails and mudding, no rock crawling,? Dana 60 and what are my other options? Thanks. Chad. 2012. 2. 28. · Cascio suggests, “33- or more splined axles for any drag race application, with 35-splines being ideal for street/strip applications. That said, not all housings are capable of fitting 35 or 40-spline axles, the GM 8.5-inch 10-bolt for instance, is only large enough to handle 30-spline axles. The differential carrier has a lot to do with.


RCV Performance Big Bell CVs are the ultimate solution designed to fit big knuckles like the Reid Super Kingpin knuckles for Ford Super-60 unit bearings. The Big Bell CVs are our 2.5 ton Rockwell CVs, but the outer stub is designed to fit directly to the large 32 spline 2005+ Ford Dana 60 "Super-60" unit bearing. Eliminating the need for a lock-out or drive flange, increasing strength and. Dana 44 Axles Swapped onto a CJ-7 Frame. Ralph Hassel Jeep CJ-7 Projects. Project Jeep CJ-7 - Disassembling the Scout II Dana 44 Front Axle. After acquiring the Dana 44 axles I also picked up a Dana 30 narrow track front axle that was in great shape. The goal here was to disassemble the front Dana 44, clean it up, paint it, then reassemble.


1.Supply to USA, Europe, and Australia 2.Material:40Cr/ 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly Steel/ 7075 or 6061 T6 aluminum 3.Surface: Sand Blast/ Silver Zinc/ Yellow Zinc/ Black Zinc/ Chrome Finish/ Electrophoresis We could manufacture all kinds of Axle Shaft according to OEM No., Your Samples, or Drawings. 4.Currie CE-98129-28375 9 Inch 31 Spline Axle Shaft, 28-1/4 Inch. Discuss your vision with Rowan. Have you had visions before? - I've heard things before. Visions Can Be Dangerous - That's why I need your help. - Your knowledge of Hogwarts. Sometimes I feel useless... - I do too sometimes. I want to help with the vaults... - Your knowledge is a big help.


There's no fundamental reason the splines need to be the same size, but it's my understanding that Dana/Spicer use the same size splines and just vary the number of splines with different axle sizes. ... This spec is what allows us to refer to an axle as just "35 spline" and be able to compare it to a "30 spline" axle without having to also. My ranger has a 28 spline 7.5, but I'm installing a explorer 8.8 with 31 spline and rear disks for my 5.0 swap. If you doubt Bill, you can mark one spline, so you know where to stop, and count them. Only the FX4 Level II from 2003-2007 and 2002 FX4 Off-road came with a 31 spline. The other 98% of Rangers got a 28.


Have 30 spline stub axles with 6 large bolt holes to be matched to a OS Giken LSD. To order the LSD I need to know which model uses my stubs. ... Not sure about 34 being 30 tooth as OS do not say the half shafts need changing, unlike a 89 - 92 BNR32. 31 spline shafts new took 6 months last time to find, and they are at least $900 a pair. Sold. I guess my question is, do the front and rear axle shafts of a 94 have a different spline count? If so what are they. I need drive gears so I can run my locker. Thanks! skyhiranger Zuki Guru; Posts: 6,968; Joined: Jun 30, 2005; Logged; Re: Front and rear axle shaft spline count Reply.


Splines, originally a shipbuilding term, were long strips of wood bent into smooth shapes by holding them fixed at certain points, usually by lead weights called As for interpolation, we need to specify the knots. Here it is crucial to stress that we do not want our spline to pass through the data points!. Homemade axle spline cutter designed to facilitate precision shortening of axle shafts. Metal working ideas: Do you need to learn how to paint? There are a variety of classes open at community colleges that teach beginners the best way to paint. Joined Jan 30, 2011. 5,085 Posts. #6 · Nov 23, 2012. I bought a 31 spline carrier for $75 shipped.... much better buy in my opinion if you can wait and hunt for one. I'd rather have 31 spline than a better clutched Cobra Carrier that's still 28 spline. I'd rebuild the factory 28 spline you have for $100 before I paid $200 to the dude on corral.


Side plates and differential carrier (super diff) are different and will need to be replaced. Early IRS uses the same ring gear as late swing. axle. Trans internals are the same. You should be using a heavy duty side plate on the IRS just as on the swing. 71 trans has 4.12 diff ratio. 61 to 67 swing. has 4.37 gears. Right Rear Axle: Length ? outer spline count 25 inner spline count 24. Left Rear Axle: Length 30 1/4" outer spline count 25 inner spline count 24. In the picture of the SVX axle, it shows the extra little splined section just like the MSLD axle stub has. It also listed a double spline count for the right rear.


These axle gears are manufactured to match the dimensions of the early Ford V8 16-tooth axle gear to provide smooth rear differential action. They must be used with four (4) 1939-1948 Ford 11-tooth spider gears (p/n 81A-4215). These gears are splined specifically for 28-spline Ford axles and do not need to be modified or ground down.


Get under the back end and count the bolts that hold the rear cover on. 10 bolts is the 8.8 and 12 is the 9.75...the only way it'll be the 10.25 is if you have 7 lug wheels....also i don't think the 10.25 came in the crewcab model. Reply Like. 04-25-2009, 09:53 AM. # 3. Ford 8.8-Inch Axle: 1990-2011 Ford Ranger's with a 4.0L engine came with a Ford 8.8-Inch axle. 1998-2011 Ford Ranger Super Cab 4×4's are frequently equipped with 8.8-Inch axles regardless of engine size. Click HERE for more Ford 8.8-Inch Information & Specifications. Dana M220: All 2019 - Present Ford Ranger's come with a Dana Advantek.